Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Dodgers Sidewalk Sale and the Value of their Items

The Dodgers are nowhere near where they were last year in terms of proximity to the division lead. The Dodgers  have a record of 42-52. Last year on this date, the Dodgers were 49-41 and were, in actuality, in a position where they could have been buyers. It's too bad Ned had a stroke when he went shopping because he came away with Scott Podsednik, Ryan Theriot, two months of Ted Lilly and Octavio Dotel. We know how that turned out.

Now, it appears as if the Dodgers should be sellers. As in, sell everything that should not be bolted down. In theory, no player is untradeable. If the Royals were to put together a package for Matt Kemp that included Eric Hosmer, Wil Myers, Mike Montgomery and Jake Odorizzi, it would be bye bye Bison. Obviously, that won't happen but I do have a list of players who are currently in the Majors and should not be dealt. It is as follows:

Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Chad Billingsley, end list.

That leaves 21 players. Judging by the way the Dodgers have done so far this year, I don't think all 21 players will be dealt. Hiroki Kuroda will be in demand by multiple teams. Ted Lilly has been listed as a player "on the block" but I don't see him being moved because of his contract. Yes, Juan Uribe's contract (and lackluster performance thus far) is also prohibitive for making a deal. Jamey Carroll has been floated as well and rightfully so. James Loney should certainly be out there as well and, with the Juan Rivera acquisition, Ned won't have to fret over the prospect of playing a prospect at first. God forbid.

Of the remaining players, the ones who are not under team control and/or have produced as of late are Aaron Miles, Tony Gwynn Jr. and Casey Blake. Unfortunately, Blake Hawksworth, Matt Guerrier and Mike MacDougal do not make the list because they are bums. Casey Blake will probably not be healthy enough to be traded. This leaves Miles and TGJ and they are the main reason that I am writing today.

In the National League, there are 9 teams that should be buyers at the Trade Deadline (SF, ARI, COL, STL, PIT (that's right), CIN, MIL, PHI and ATL) and 9 in the American League (NYY, BOS, TB, DET, CHW, CLE, MIN, TEX and LAA). That is a lot of teams that could be looking to tack on players that have speed, can play multiple positiona or get a pinch hit. If one of these 18 teams do not come knocking for either Miles or TGJ, what does that say about their value. What does that say about TGJ's ability to snag 12 out of 15 bases and hit .256/.316/.326? What about Aaron Miles' empty .316/.336/.380? They both have produced at a clip of +1 WAR this season. If no team wants them what does it say about the Dodgers?

An even more important question is whether or not Ned would even sell. With the McCourt situation destined to end in the Dodgers being owned by another billionaire or buying group, how long does Ned Colletti have? Why should he care about the Dodgers' future? He hasn't really cared before today. Will Ned do the right thing and attempt to maximize the return from tradeable players? I don't think so. I don't see that happening because he has no reason to (other than being a professional) since his job is safe as long as Frank McCourt is running the circus.

It is very fortunate for Ned Colletti to get 3 managers during his tenure as Dodgers GM. Most GM's get two and, if they haven't produced, they are out. This will be the first blatant scenario where the Dodgers should sell and, if Ned does not do what's responsible, professional and optimal, he belongs on the same bus headed towards the Sun along with the McCourts, It's one thing to be an oaf that loves and overpays grindy veterans. It is another to forsake the team's future because it's not in your DNA to admit that your team sucks and that the kids need to play and bums need to go.

It may not even be his call. It may be that Frank is responsible for this irresponsibility and Ned just so happens to be the GM who is encouraged to make bad decisions that mortgage the future for the present and to hand out the big sacks of money. If Ned does any further buying and is not trying to sell every moveable asset, this will be another blow to the Dodgers franchise and its fans. Please, Ned. Be rational and let there be a better future for the Dodgers.