Monday, September 13, 2010

John Lindsey and other thoughts

I think that there is some good that has come out of the John Lindsey call-up - for John Lindsey. For him, he is playing with a major-league team after a decade and a half of minor league seasons. He has to be loving it. I have to wonder what the fan gets out of it. Sure it is nice to see a dream fulfilled but would this be happening if, say, the Dodgers had a minor league farm system that was grooming a prospect at first base? It seems Lindsey's call-up is more opportunistic because the club could use a distraction since they are out of playoff competition. While a team still has to sell tickets and drum up interest, we are talking about the Los Angeles Dodgers and no amount of gimmicks and feel-good stories would outshine a bona-fide prospect debut.

I could probably change this blog's title to "Why is this idiot batting second?" but it still baffles me to see Theriot in that slot as much as he has since he arrived. Perhaps with Torre departing soon, a new manager might value that spot in the lineup. It just exemplifies how much the Dodgers need the season to end now because this September is about as useless as it gets for the Dodgers. Maybe Matt Kemp needs the rest of the season off but I don't think that is the case. This lineup has the feel of a split-squad game in so many ways.  Other than Russ Mitchell taking some cuts, what is the point? 

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