Friday, May 6, 2011

Miles makes me want to convert to the metric system

Hi. It's been a while since I've aired my inane Dodger thoughts. If you're reading this, you're probably being held captive, so I'll keep this short. I warned that having an Aaron Miles on your team means you're in danger of using Aaron Miles far more than you want to if injuries occur. That's what is going on. What is also going on is Ivan DeJesus Jr. is on the team not getting reps. What can Donnie Baseball do when he has two infielders out?

If the team doesn't bring an Aaron Miles on, IDJ might be undergoing the pressure of being the Dodgers' everyday second baseman but at least Ned is giving him a try. In my opinion, I don't think Ivan will be better than Delwyn Young and he might just be a Pirate in the not-so-distant future. The fact is, for myself, I would rather see IDJ out there everyday and give him a try than tired, old, about-to-be-shat-out-of-the-league Aaron Miles.

He is supposedly a three-position player but the one position he can actually play, the Dodgers have a prospect on the roster that they could trot out there. With all this front-office confusion going on, could someone at the controls with a brain at least launch a player that no Dodger fan would miss and at least stop making Dodger fans sick? I do not believe that IDJ has much potential but, if you give him a chance, he might be able to have a better stretch of play than Aaron Miles has had in the last few years.

There are times when veteran players are needed to fill in for a team through a long season. Jamey Carroll is doing just fine. The Dodgers don't need an inferior version of Jamey Carroll in the same infield.

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