Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bullpen Purges - Correcting Previous Post Statements

Per Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times: Clayton Kershaw suspended 5 games, Joe Torre and Bob Schaefer suspended one game. Kershaw is appealing, Torre serves tonight, BS tomorrow.

Nothing for Tim "Bitch Witch" Lincecum who threw at Kemp three times and Russell Martin once. Whoever throws the fifth stone, I guess. Whatever, it's Butt Selig's league. Anyways,

TrueBlueLA brings up some good points about roster moves. If I am making moves, I am getting pitchers that I feel I can rely on to pitch. I've made some changes, though.

First, Justin Miller gets the nod as righty set-up guy. With no options, he stays.

Travis Schlichting can go down instead. He is fine but with Carlos Monasterios on the roster, I choose CM over TS. Since one man has left, I promote Kenley Jansen or Josh Lindblom, depending on whether or not I am protecting one or the other from a trade. Lindblom gets the call before Jansen.

George Sherrill is gone. He gets waived again. Brent Leach is my guy since Elbert is AWOL.

With 3 catchers on the roster, Ellis is gone. Bring in Jamie Hoffmann. I think Trent Oeitjen might be the better hitter but, since Reed Johnson is out, Jamie Hoffmann is the better option. Garrett Anderson doesn't have too much more time to prove he can still play in my book. I would be tempted to bring up another pitcher but unfortunately, 13 pitchers is too excessive, even for a week or so.

So that makes a team with five outfielders, ample infielders and a bullpen that consists of these pitchers:

CL: Broxton
Setup LH: Kuo
Setup RH: Miller
Short RH: Lindblom/Jansen
Short LH: Leach
Long RH: Weaver
Long RH: Monasterios

There should be order and every one in the pen should convey enough confidence that they can come into a game. George Sherrill would never be in my bullpen again. In my mind, gone are the days where relief pitchers and bullpens are as fixed as I once believed that they were.

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