Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Could the Dodgers acquire Kelly Johnson at the Arizona Fire Sale?

In light of the Dan Haren trade, could the Dodgers be in position to acquire Kelly Johnson, who would be a cheap and decent fix for what ails the Dodgers. I am not a Blake DeWitt hater but I don't see a future for him as the Dodgers starting second baseman. Kelly Johnson could come in and Blake DeWitt could move to being a utility player or he may be a part of the trade, though I would expect the Dodgers to get something out of the deal since, although cheap, they are only paying for two months of Kelly Johnson. 

Johnson (.276/.366/.499) has 16 HR's, 26 doubles and has added 2 wins above replacement for the D-bags. He's a lefty that can hit second, fifth or sixth for the Dodgers and he can produce. Granted, the outfield is a more of a priority but that Haren deal wasn't a great future move - it was a salary dump. I think the D-bags would be willing to part with Johnson for the right price and with the shortness of his contract, he won't be as big of a risk for the D-bags as far as him staying in the NL West. 

It's worth exploring for Ned and the Dodgers. 

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