Saturday, July 17, 2010

This Tangle With The Cardinals Seems Familiar

In 2008, the Dodgers and Phillies played 4-game series at both teams' locations. The home team won every game in those series' that year. So far, that seems to be happening with the Dodgers and the Cardinals. This is nothing to read that much into but it's a way of saying that the series is even after today's 2-0 loss and that the Dodgers did well against the Redbirds earlier in the year not to mention last year's NLDS.

The only troublesome game was Friday's game and that is because the Dodgers weren't facing Carpenter or Wainwright. Conversely, the Cardinals got to face Billingsley yesterday. We wait and wait for CBillz to realize that he is allowed to strike guys out.

I think the Dodgers have a good chance to win the weekend series and the season series as they send Padilla to the mound against Jeff Suppan, even without Martin and Manny.

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