Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meaningful Baseball Starts Today

As I have stated before, I would rather the Giants and Padres advance than the Red and the Phillies so I am hoping for the Padres and the Giants to win. I could accept the Braves making it but that would mean that the Phillies play the Reds and I would rather that the Phillies and Reds be eliminated in the Divisional Series.

Baseball Prospectus gives a good breakdown on the odds of all the possible outcomes in today's games. As much as I would like to see playoff games (and I could really use some entertainment to fill the gap between now and Wednesday), my hatred of the Phillies and Reds goes so far that I want the Giants and the Padres to have the best chance to beat the teams they will face. That means I want the Braves to lose and the Padres to win. That being said, I will enjoy any outcome that results in a playoff game (or two) but I would rather that the NL West teams be properly prepared for beating the villains in the NL.

In the AL, the Rays and the Yankees are all tied up. The Rays play at Kansas City and the Yanks at Fenway. Since I am pulling for the Rays, they have the best chance of winning the division, which is best because the division winner plays the Rangers.

I would still want to see a Rays-Padres World Series but the Padres seem the least likely team to advance. No matter what, if the Rays are in the Series, I will be rooting for them but, if not, I may have to make some tough choices.

Here is an absolute list of teams that I want to win the World Series from top to bottom:


Former Dodgers to watch:

Jon Garland, P, SD
Orlando Hudson, 2B, MIN

Not too interesting. There should be some good baseball to watch this October. It will be lonely without the Blue Crew.

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