Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On Cody Ross

Cody Ross is making a decent case for himself as NLCS MVP if the Giants end up winning the series. While his 3 HR's, 4 RBI's and slash line of .444/.545/1.444 will go a long way, I am not about to write a mandate on why he should have been a Dodger again. I won't even touch on why he shouldn't have been traded away in the first place. It's all irrelevant now. What I do want to discuss is the simple disparity between decent hitters with decent power and adequate hitters with little to no power.

List of the former available (or loosely available) at the trade deadline: Luke Scott, Cody Ross, Bengie Molina, Derrek Lee, Lance Berkman, Ryan Ludwick, Jose Guillen and Manny (though he was already a Dodger)

List of the latter available: Scott Podsednik, Ryan Theriot, Miguel Tejada (at this point in his career)...

I am not going to go any further. I hate Pods and Theriot as players and I didn't want them on the Dodgers. I am still miffed that the Dodgers obvious need for more runners on base and more power was not met and more grindy, slappy hitters were acquired instead.

In the end what would it have mattered if one of the players with more power were acquired. Not all that much considering the way the existing Dodgers played. What angers me and most Dodgers fans I read is that the utter myopia of Ned Colletti to value outdated and useless skills over ones that would improve this baseball team is glaring.

The Dodgers have a lot of problems that can be overcame with talent. This is a point in time where a shrewd GM that can evaluate league talent would come in handy. All Ned does is give large bags of money to the wrong players. That is outdated.

The Giants have overcame the poor management of Brian Sabean, the Rangers have overcame issues with Ron Washington. The Phillies endured major injuries to key players, the Yankees poor pitching and hitting from their expensive free-agents but are still standing (for now). For the Dodgers, they were in this situation last year. Still in the playoffs, still in their championship window and they did so in spite of Ned Colletti.

It seems that the Dodgers stand to lose Logan White at some point. Who knows whether or not he will do well as a GM but the amount of interest he is attracting shows that he has more to offer the league than Ned Colletti. I don't think Ned would be hired by another team if he were let go by the Dodgers. He can't be fired soon enough.

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