Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sacks of Cash With Dollar Signs and Dodger Logos

Alright, so contrary to what I thought wouldn't happen, Ned just handed Lilly large bags of money. It may be the case that Ned isn't finished. Judging by what Ned said, the payroll will be higher than $93 million before the new season will start.

I like Lilly but I would have liked to have received the compensatory picks from him because, as MSTI says, he is a good bet for 2011 but not so much after that. Lilly is a pitcher that could be successful in his later years in a pitcher's park given his pitching style. However, if he can't take the mound, the Dodgers don't get the returns and  that isn't a risk the Dodgers should have taken. Yes, the Dodgers needed a pitcher but while they may not have been able to do "better" if they let him go, Ned is risking adding another veteran to his list of bad and expensive signings.

I like Lilly but not the risk. The fact remains that Hiroki Kuroda may even be worth more and Ned wants to pursue either him or Vicente Padilla. If the Dodgers had a farm system left, I would suggest they try to trade for an extraneous pitcher from the Rays, the Jays or some other team.

From Ned's mouth, we can expect at least one more starter, a reliever and a position player or two. Any guesses? I think the Dodgers will re-sign Hiroki Kuroda but after that, I will have to wait to make any guesses.

When I heard that the Dodgers were going to spend money, I felt relieved but also felt some empty joy. Yes, spending money brings talent onto the team but that talent has to perform and stay healthy. I don't think that the usual dynamic of Ned paying veterans to decline is a winning strategy but without a farm system or a capable GM, this is what the team is left with.

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