Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bums are Stacking Up!

Aaron Miles is the next bum that Ned Colletti is taking a flier on. Add Miles to a list of non-roster invitees that includes Mike MacDougal and Gabe Kapler. Now, it may be foolish to fret about NRI's but it may be even more foolish to bet against Ned Colletti putting bums on the Opening Day roster. Eric Gagne didn't make the roster but both Ortiz pitchers made it and Garret Anderson stuck for far too long.

I was wondering how Ned was going to fill the slappy white void in the middle of the infielder. What better way to do it than by giving one of the worst players with a real contract. His wOBA never touched .300 while he was making nearly $5 million total during the last two years. How about a wRC+ of 14 while with the Cardinals? There just isn't much to like with Miles or with MacDougal and Kapler for that matter.

It seemed like the whole Chin-Lung Hu trade was disappointing though it was good to get something for him but, if Aaron Miles makes the Opening Day roster and matters in any capacity, that will be bad news. It's not that I believe that a young player should be the only player in competition for a roster spot but throwing bums at a problem isn't a good M.O. either.

If one of the bums is going to stick, I would like it to be Mike MacDougal. At least he can pull a good year out of nowhere like relievers are known to do sometimes. While it's true that MacDougal and all these lottery ticket players are insurance policies, is it really better than doing what small market teams do by filling a gap with farm hand youth?

It's like I thought things were going to be different this year or something.

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