Friday, February 4, 2011

McCourts Bad

I was reading Christina Kahrl's "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?" article in Baseball Prospectus. She made a joke that the McCourts would star in a reality TV show called "See You In McCourt!" I had to google it because I gave a slight chance that it was a real show. Would it be surprising if they would try to take this media circus to the next magnitude?

I will continue to attempt to bash the McCourts but this might just kindle another burst of nausea for fans of the Dodgers. Berry Petchesky named Frank McCourt one of the 10 Worst Guys in Sports on Deadspin. His rant sheds more of the same light on the situation that attentive Dodger fans have gleaned during the past two plus years. This whole experience has just sucked. When the McCourts leave the Dodgers and baseball, whoever takes over had better not be one thing: crazy.

Can the Dodgers owner and high-positioned wife be considered sane of mind? How about that for a start? If you pay Vladmir Shpunt any money for his "psychic services," you are a crazy person. We all know this but it's worth restating. You know what a great gimmick for getting good vibes from people? Each year, 3 million people pay the Dodgers to give good vibes but the McCourts found a way to pay for something they sell.

Ned Colletti is a fixture on the McCourt Dodgers, which makes Frank and Jamie's case even worse. In Bud Selig's baseball, I guess all of this is natural behavior. I think a well-functioning professional sport would get the team out of Frank and/or Jamie's hand(s) soon. I guess diluting the playoffs is more important.

Though this sentiment has been beat into the ground, the McCourts are beyond incompetent. This circus of an ownership can't go away fast enough. Garret Anderson went away faster.


Lastings Milledge signed a minor-league contract with the Chicago White Sox today. I was thinking that a team would give him a multi-million dollar major-league contract but I am going to infer that the collective snub of Milledge may mean that this is his final shot and teams don't want him in their clubhouse. The Dodgers could have got him which would have been alright with me but his character risk could have a wide range of negative value to a team. I am fine with them passing on him because I can't say for sure if he would be a problem or not.

I'm not a big believer in avoiding all negative character guys. I liked Manny coming aboard but he can hit. Milledge may not be able to offset any negative value his character brings. Milton Bradley had some good seasons but he is the shining example that, well, Jim Hendry is a bad GM (still employed for the record) and players with known character issues had better be worth it.

It will be interesting to see how he does with the White Sox. If Milledge sticks to the roster, Ozzie Guillen could be arguing with him in no time. Any Dodger fans headed to Camelback Ranch may have a front row seat.


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