Monday, August 9, 2010

Closing the Gap

When looking at the current Dodgers team, on the brink of PECOTA and mathematical elimination, one has to wonder if this tea,m will ever look like a playoff team. If Furcal and Manny rejoin the team, despite the fact that Russell Martin won't be able to return, the Dodgers may very well have a chance. Furcal comes back on Tuesday and that should really help. Furcal is hitting .316 with a wOBA of .383 and was on a torrid stretch before he was hurt. Furcal has been the Dodgers' most valuable player and getting him back certainly makes this team better.

Getting Manny back would certainly help as well. I don't think he will come back which makes getting to the playoffs a long shot. I may just be cynical because if the Dodgers can bridge the gap until he comes back, they could make a run. The odds are that they won't though. I am withholding declaring the Dodgers dead and it may be because I don't want to be the one that says that they are done and watch them come back. I'm enough of a fan that I would watch either way but it's about the principle of it.

Having the rotation the Dodgers have now and the with the bullpen looking as strong as it was supposed to be the only question is: Can the Dodgers score runs? It's a simple path the Dodgers have laid out for them but the execution will be the most difficult part. The Phillies and the Braves await the Dodgers before the Blue Crew goes home and host the Rockies and Reds. It's real simple from here on out. The Dodgers need to win every series they play.  I suppose they can split with Atlanta but to stick around as the fifth team in the Wild Card and the fourth in the West, they are at a point where such a pace is needed. August will be a trying month. If they make it through, however, the Dodgers may be back as may Manny. I would hope that he would be up to the task.

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