Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dodgers fail to notify Joe Torre that Rafael Furcal was going to the DL?

Here is a blurb from Baseball Prospectus injury expert Will Carroll's Under the Knife column:

Rafael Furcal (strained back, ERD 8/20)The Dodgers started yesterday thinking that Furcal would be in the lineup. Instead of writing his name on the lineup card, they typed his name into the system MLB uses to place players on the DL. Even Joe Torre saidFurcal wouldn't go on the DL just before the game, but it seems that it was around this point where the team made the decision (without consulting Torre, if one source is to be believed). Furcal's back simply wasn't ready to play, though it's unclear if there was actually a setback. The way things were reported—and sources mostly corroborate this—was that Furcal didn't seem confident enough in his back to play more than there was any physical change. With the retro move, Furcal could be back in the lineup as soon as next week, but this chronic problem is very difficult to read. We've already seen his return pushed back once, so not only could this recur, the team context has the potential to change a lot in the next 10 days.

When did the Dodgers turn into the McCain/Palin campaign? 

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