Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am calling it: The 2010 Dodgers are done!

Podsednik, CF
Theriot, 2B
Ethier, RF
Loney, 1B'
Blake, 3B
Gibbons, LF
Carroll, SS
Ausmus, C

That's all I need to know. This team isn't winning anything with Matt Kemp not in centerfield. This team isn't winning anything with Podsednik in center, with Theriot batting second and with Carroll batting seventh.

You could argue that the team isn't winning anything without Rafael Furcal or Manny Ramirez and I will join that side. A team can only make do with what they can but this is just a complete misuse of resources. If this is the team that I am supposed to believe can come back and make the playoffs, I don't buy it.

Furcal may come back tomorrow but clearly Torre and Colletti believe that Theriot is more valuable than Carroll and they believe that Scott Podsednik is an option in center field and that is not a winning formula. I'm going to watch but I have let the reins of this season go. This isn't something that I want to do considering I have tickets for Thursday's game. I just think that mixing hope with the horrible mix of players Torre is trotting out there is bad brew.

Maybe by saying this, the Dodgers will inevitably and defiantly multiply the current two-game winning streak but I am doubting it. Watch at your own risk.

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