Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spider Webs, Lying and Magic

Of course the Dodgers won last night despite putting a pile of garbage on the field. No offense to Jay Gibbons because he might be alright but he should have been replaced Garret Anderson months ago. Now, it's too little, too late and he won't amount to much.

It was a nice win for the Dodgers but real competition is coming this month and the Dodgers and their slappy lineup will be exposed to such competition. Anyone with a brain knows that THIS team without Furcal for another week isn't going to gain the ground they need to get back into the playoff race. Pods and Theriot are fixed at the top of this lineup until Furcal does return because any time Ned gets players they arrive with baseball magic and will magically save the season and outperform the current players. That's the answer to everything nowadays - magic! Where is V energy when you need it?


Dodgers 2010 1st round pick Zach Lee hasn't been contacted by the team yet. That seems weird since Logan White and the Dodgers have said all the right things.

"I'm optimistic we're going to make our best effort, definitely our best effort, to get out there and get this done. I would say I'm cautiously optimistic. As the summer plays out, you'll see the effort will be made. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that we're going to get him to sign. It's really going to be Zach's decision."

The Dodgers' best effort is no effort at all. That seems about right these days. 

I can only give you my word. I've always been straight up. I've always tried to take the best player.

The Dodgers did take the best player but he dropped this far because EVERYONE knows he wants to go to college. I like the pick if the Dodgers can actually offer him the money. He's young and being drafted by the Dodgers could really change a kid's mind. What I am and fans should be pissed about is if you make the pick and say you are going to make an effort, make the damn effort. 


Here is a good article about the McCourts by T.J. Simers of the LA Times. They have a court hearing on August 30th. 

I think Dodgers fans are being asked to hope for too much. We hope that the drafting and development side of the Dodgers can produce some future talent for the Dodgers because who knows when ownership will be able to bring the payroll to where it was a couple of years ago. We hope that Ned Colletti either gets replaced or gets a clue because placing too much hope on the current Dodgers team makes us sick. We hope that the ownership situation stabilizes by whatever means because it's just a complete disservice to everyone who supports the Dodgers. It's just all too much. 

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