Monday, August 9, 2010

Ryan Theriot, the utility middle infielder

I have the inkling that Ryan Theriot will be the starting 2B for the rest of the season. He was traded along with Lilly to the Dodgers for Blake DeWitt and prospects. DeWitt will be the second baseman for the Cubs for a while and it would seem that Theriot becomes the rightful second baseman for the Dodgers. I think that The Riot should be on the bench in favor of Carroll and I think the Dodgers lost this trade already.

Before the season began, Ryan Theriot had played 400 games at shortstop for the Cubs. Then Starlin Castro came along a month into the season and Theriot got bumped to second. Jamey Carroll had played in 89 total games at shortstop from 2002-2007 and none before he stepped in for an injured Rafael Furcal this season. If Joe Torre believes that Carroll is the better shortstop, then why get Theriot?

Furcal will be back tomorrow so who should play second? Carroll bats right-handed and Theriot bats left-handed (like DeWitt), so naturally Theriot gets a lot of the at-bats. Let's look at the two players vs. RH pitching (AVG?OBP?SLG?wOBA):

Theriot: .282/.309/.329/.286
Carroll: .282/.383/.319/.321

Where Theriot is supposed to have the advantage, Carroll gets on base more!

How about vs. lefties?

Theriot: .280/.346/.319/.294
Carroll: .280/.367/.333/.318

Of course, Carroll is better. The Dodgers have Theriot for two more years. If Ned's larger plan is to keep Theriot as their utility MI and go out and get a better second baseman, so be it. It doesn't make sense for Ryan Theriot to be starting with any regularity and here is why. Let's take a look at all the second baseman for the Dodgers in 2010 (AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS/wOBA/wRC/WAR):

DeWitt: .276/.356/.384/.740/.326/103/1.3
Carroll: .282/.378/.324/..702/324/103/1.1
Theriot: .282/.320/.325/.645/.290/74/-0.1
Belliard: .225/.312/.348/.660/.292/81/0.2

Folks, Gang, Ryan Theriot, to date, is the worst second baseman to play for the Dodgers this season. If Carroll is favored by Joe Torre, feel free to call me a bad, presumptuous guy but I have the feeling that Theriot has been given the second base job and I don't think that should be the case.

Theriot is 30 years old so he is not a project. He should not be starting and, if he does, it is Joe Torre standing behind the bad decision to get him in exchange for DeWitt. If Torre is leaving after this season, why should he care? Shouldn't Torre be too old to care? We know Ned Colletti is baseball stupid but either Torre is baseball stupid or he wants to end his career placating a bad general manager. "The Dodger Years" will not be a great book.

I just don't the Dodgers won on this trade or any of the other trades Ned made. Making moves just to make them is not a plan, especially when it costs you two prospects at a time. I wouldn't trust Ned Colletti with a fantasy team and the sooner the Dodgers are sold, the sooner this idiot leaves the building.

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