Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fan Deadlines of My Own

The BP PECOTA playoff odds has the Dodgers making the playoffs 4.04% of the time in their simulations. In addition, it should be taken into account that the Dodgers have three teams in front of them and Manny won't appear in the Dodgers lineup again. I am still clinging to the minuscule chance they can make the playoffs. I have a deadline for when I will give up on the Dodgers. They have two games left with San Diego. If they lose both of those games, I am done. If Carlos Monasterios starts on Friday instead of John Ely or anyone better and they lose, it's over. If they don't win the series against the Nationals, it's over.

If it is over at the end of this weekend or before, I will still watch but I will demand that the focus turn to next year. September better be all about getting players work on the 40-man roster. I don't want to see anymore of Garret Anderson now or then. Before I keep going, I will wait until that happens. With every knee tweak (Martin), MRI (Furcal) or extended DL stay (Manny), the day gets closer and closer.

It really didn't make sense to do the trades the Dodgers did with the Cubs and the Pirates. If you wanted to bring in Scott Podsednik for two months as Manny replacement, fine. I know an organization doesn't plan to lose five in a row but the team went from a buyer to a "why didn't you sell" team over the weekend! The biggest question is "Why Octavio Dotel?" This constant cheap overhaul garbage year after year leads to the Dodgers giving up good prospects and all the Dodgers have left is what always drags them down: declining veterans.

I have one last deadline for when the McCourts should sell the team to a rightful and capable buyer: YESTERDAY!

Correction: CM wouldn't start it will be Kershaw. I got confused, which is nothing new

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