Thursday, August 19, 2010

Increasingly Horrible and Daft Spiral of Suck

With my declaring the Dodgers dead, I reserve the right as a fan to go elsewhere if a) Kemp is not starting and b) Pods is in center and Gibbons is in his place. Pods, 34, and Gibbons, 33, are not part of a youth movement at all. Perhaps the org thinks they still have a chance. PECOTA gives them a 1.01% chance. You have to wonder when the team believes they are done and they will show it by the players they put out there.

If the Dodgers do go with a youth movement, Theriot would have a justification for starting because, even though he's thirty, he is still under team control. Podsednik would not because he is neither under team control nor is he young. September can't come fast enough and, when it does arrive, I hope to see a lot of Jerry Sands and Trayvon Robinson.

In the meantime, I am alright with Octavio Dotel being thrown out there in high leverage situations. It shows how wrong Ned was in trading for that aged reliever. I am not saying I like to see the Dodgers lose but, since it's of no consequence with the Dodgers now infinitesimal chance of making the playoffs, baseball will be a better game if Dotel's results can delineate what is a wrong move for a GM to make. The case against Ned stacks up even higher as Ned admittedly makes moves for the edification of his own ego and failed at doing that. Ned is in the GM cellar with Jim Hendry, Omar Minaya and Dayton Moore.

On the field, it appears to be more of the same with Joe Torre suddenly acquiring a fetish for small-ball, backing up Larry Bowa on bad decisions and sitting the most talented player on the team. This season will be a tarnish on all of these coaches otherwise illustrious careers. This coaching staff has expired because this team has become a nightly clinic on how to fundamentally manufacture outs and give away games. What an increasingly horrible and daft spiral of suck the Dodgers have become.

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